Projecte E-twinning

Els de 6è són els impulsors d'aquest projecte
1_6th grade team

“E-twinning Project”: offers a platform for teachers and students that allows working among different European countries involved, communicate, collaborate, develop projects and share them.

In this 3rd term, pupils of 6th grade have carried out the Project called “LET’S PLAY IN THE WORLD”.

This project involves learners who are playing traditional games, sharing them, explaining the instructions of those games and learn how to play traditional games from other countries (Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Turkey, and Spain).

They also practice English in a real context and using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to increase their digital competence.

Main subjects involved are Physical Education and English.

Let me show you some oral presentations as a result of the project, related to traditional games played in Catalonia: “Pull the rope”, “Pull the onions”, “Sack’s race” and “Play marbles”.

Enjoy watching them!

It will continue…